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After working as a designer and production manager for some of the most successful garment companies in New York City, Maria Cho-Cohen decided to throw caution and security to the wind in 1998 when she purchased a distressed family-run printing business in Long Island City, New York and formed MC Creations Inc. (“MCC”) to take over the fledgling business. With virtually no existing sales and only one fragile machine at her disposal, Maria worked around-the-clock learning every aspect of the silk screen printing business, including graphic design, screen making, color matching, production and quality control, and even emergency machine repairs. Over the next 18 years, Maria proceeded to steadily grow her business through word-of-mouth referrals only by regularly providing high quality workmanship, customer care, and competitive pricing.

MCC now operates five automatic printing machines at modern facility located a few minutes from Manhattan, enabling the company to print and deliver 10,000 to 20,000 shirts per day, and up to 14 colors, depending on the design. The company also provides additional related services, including label changing, label printing, tagging, folding, poly bagging, pick and pack, and other customized packing and shipping programs.

MCC’s quality, consistency, and competitive pricing has resulted in its services being utilized by a wide range of major apparel, sporting, and entertainment entities, in addition to a host of non-profit, corporate, and small business clients. MCC’s customers have included licensees and other organizations responsible for apparel products used by Nike, Levis, Disney, Major League Baseball, NBA Basketball, Nickelodeon, Marvel Comics, The Cartoon Network, and many major music tours. Products created by MCC have been sold by most of the country’s top retailers, including Target, Modell’s, JC Penny, Macy’s and Walmart.

As clients and consumers look for more comfortable and eco-friendly products, MCC has chosen to work with only phthalate-free and lead-free products. The company also has expertise in a variety of specialized printing techniques, including the use of discharge and water-based inks, gel inks, glitter, metallic, shimmers, foil and high density inks.

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